Whitepaper Writing Services

You already have a blog. Why do you need a Whitepaper?

More often than not, blogs are opinionated and informal. Whitepapers, on the contrary, are specifically created for capturing leads. They are in-depth reports with illustrations, charts and references on a specific topic, backed by well-documented research. Clients scouting for solutions to their enterprise problems always turn to whitepapers to evaluate providers who can solve them. That is when they gladly signup for the whitepapers which they believe will provide them insights they cant get elsewhere. And when they do so, they enter your sales-funnel, allowing you to contact them further. Whitepapers hence become extremely powerful when it comes to product/services promotion.

How do we create a compelling lead-generating Whitepaper?

  • We discuss with you to understand what message you "Want" the whitepaper to convey.
  • Whether it is Technical Benefits, Business Benefits or Thought Leadership. Not all. During our detailed discussions, we will finalize this before we move to our next step.
  • We analyze your target audience, their wants & their position in the Sales funnel.
  • Every set of people have their own preferences. There is no General-Catch-All whitepaper. A marketing manager would have different expectations from your whitepaper than an engineer. Similarly a sales-ready lead would have different expectation than someone who just signed up and is at the entry of the funnel.
  • We Write. We Edit. We Rewrite.
  • You are the experts. We are the research folks and scribes. We work together. We understand the hardwork and meticulous research needed for writing an original whitepaper. We discuss with you at regular intervals to ensure we dont waste your time in the end.
  • We fix the content and layout both.
  • Whitepaper during draft/review stages looks good in word doc format. It will stay a word doc unless a designer weaves his magic on the layout. Content and design both go through multiple iterations. You finally receive the our final version.

How do our Whitepaper Writing Services work?

At ContentVitamin, we have expert writers who can help choose catchy topics, do extensive secondary and primary research, interview in-house & external experts, draft the whitepaper and coordinate with designers to create the perfect copy you need. In addition, we can also help distribute the whitepaper in groups and channels where your target audience hangs out!

Please do not ask us if we have written whitepapers earlier on "Hydraulic Jump-high Jet-speed Shoes". Because we have not. But if you ask us to describe a project where the subject matter was new to us and yet, the client was delighted when we delivered the whitepaper, we would be glad to share. Please contact us for your whitepaper writing needs and we promise we won't dissappoint you.