Startup Advantage

The journey of a startup is same as that of a caterpillar's. People look at the loathsome, ugly, hairy caterpillar with mistrust, if not disgust. Kids hate it. And in addition, it is an easy prey because it can not move fast enough because of its structural limitations. Its life is full of hardships. However, the caterpillar does not lose hope. It persists. It takes small baby steps into the future, with each passing day, unsure of what lies in store. One fine day, it finally grows tiny wings which soon develop into larger, beautiful ones. And then the caterpilar spreads its wings and flies. It turns into a butterfly. Kids love it. People admire the beauty and agility of God's creation.

A startup's journey is exactly the same. It starts with lowest trust levels from both its clients and its employees. But the work culture, the opportunities it provides to its people, the dedication it shows in its assignments helps it earn trust and confidence among both these essential pillars which drives it.

Startups are agile. They respond to client needs faster. No heavy contracts, No bond period. Startups are trying to set their foot in the industry so take up every client assignment as an opportunity to prove themselves, giving personalised attention to every task. The organisation is united by passion and it becomes evident in the way each contact point in the organisation discusses with you. It emanates a magnetic wave where everyone within the startup organisation is aligned towards a common goal to delight you.

Startups are where explosive growth happens. Startups are where leaders are made. Startups are where you get the fastest learning curve. Here is where you get to make independent decisions. And if you have that entrepreneurial bent of mind, here is where you will learn the most about a startup and the way it operates. You will have more responsibility. You will get more opportunities. You will learn from true innovators and your work will get the maximum recognition and exposure. The startup you join today might be recognized as the best in the world tomorrow and even if it does not, you will be glad to be part of an organization which took the risk and allowed you to break through mental and physical barriers, by inflaming innovation and stiffling mediocrisy at work.

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