100% Timely Delivery

When you have an entire world to prove to, when you have to set examples for generations of future members in your organisation, you have to set a live example. Something which you can adhere to, something which comes naturally to you and something which is the keystone of any business engagement - Timely delivery.

At Content Vitamin, we have a strong penalty policy where intentional and avoidable delays from our side penalize us. We know how important it is to you to get the things done in time. And precisely that is why you hire us in the first place.

Once this was clear in our minds, we realised that we needed to take our quality of delivery and timelines very seriously. We brainstormed within the team and finally reached to a common consesus on a shared review model.

We built a simple model with 3-tier schedule review in process to ensure that our writers don't skip a single delivery timeline. Every content writer is assigned a shared reviewer who keeps check of the schedules. This reviewer forms the second node check. The third node is the Account manager who normally is in touch with you for all your needs. With three people watching over a timeline, we have been lucky to have not missed the timeline till now.

We would love to tell you more about us, and we would love to delight you with our work, with our passion and with our commitment. Get in touch with us now.