Proposal (RFP) Writing

If you've ever responded to a commercial/government proposal, you know how time-consuming these documents are to prepare. The biggest hurdle is to know where to start with a proposal. The next hurdle is timeline - almost all RFPs you want to fill would be just next week, making it realistically impossible to accomplish. Furthermore, in haste, you run the risk of misinterpretation and misunderstanding, creating inconclusive and inadequate responses to RFPs, which can be very expensive.

If hiring a full-time employee for responding to RPFs is not an option, consider hiring the assistance of a professional proposal-writing services firm, ContentVitamin. Our consultative approach bridges the gap between you and your client, helping eliminate a lot of guesswork and uncertainty out of preparing your proposal.

What's the client 'really' looking for?


Do you really understand the problem?

Client would look for your Statement of Work & solicitation to verify if the content is stereotype information copied from your boilerplate or is specific to their need.


Are you 'the' expert in your domain?

Clients are looking at reasons to choose you based on your uniqueness, approach, past performance etc.


Can you solve the problem with minimal risk?

Everyone knows that everything has risks. What you are being validated upon is how well you do Risk management, approach, assure Quality, manage the entire project and so on.)


Is your pricing fair and reasonable?

An extremely low price may indicate a lack of understanding of the requirements. The value-add you are providing should support your pricing.

How do our Proposal Writing Services work?

Our experienced proposal writers will discuss with you about your company to develop the appropriate strategy to increase your evaluation scores per solicitation needs and compliance matrix per the RFP. A complete solicitation break-down & analysis is done in this stage.

SWOT Analysis & Legal Review
To develop a realistic proposal, detailed assessment of strengths and weaknesses of your company, management and prevailing laws is done. This also provides opportunity to fix weaknesses before proposal submission.

Technical Writing & Proposal Development
Our technical writers, well-versed in various technologies and management methodologies, are true partners to your solutions architect. They understand technical jargons and articulate the vision, ideas of your architect, all within the compliance boundaries of the RFP.

Independent Review Team
Our review team evaluates the proposal using the 10-Point Filter checklist, identifies gaps and suggests corrective measures at periodic milestones during the proposal creation process. In-depth critique helps in perfecting the proposal. You are kept in the discussion loop at all times.

Proposal Archives
This is an optional step in our delivery process. Companies normally use the most current submitted proposal over and over again by copy-pasting content which is highly counter-productive. Setting up a proposal archive at our end and letting us maintain it would increase the relevancy of the proposals over time. In addition, we incorporate best practices learnt over time, which will tremendously benefit your RFP responses.

Utlize our RFP writing services expertise to create winning proposals. Contact us to meet your next proposal deadline. We promise we will jump into it as soon as you raise your hand!