No Upfront Payment

This is a very bold statement we just shared in the heading!

When we started up, we wanted our clients to trust us from day one. But for that to happen, for us to be entrusted with, we had to deliver. And there was no way we would be given advance payment for something. It was hard for us but we quickly realised this.

We are new. We are small in size, numbers and credibility. But we have the fire within us to prove ourselves. It was difficult to start up. And even difficult was to remain in existence.
After day-long brainstorming sessions, we almost unanimously agreed to take up this bold step of starting work without any payment.

"In all probability, about 95% clients would actually pay the outstanding invoice at the end of the assignment after delivery if they were genuinely happy with the work we have done for them. They could even refer us to their friends and colleagues. However about 5% of the clients would intentionally want to avoid paying the invoice even when they would be satisfied on work quality and on our efforts for their assignment.

But, for 5% unscrupulous clients, we could not stand to distrust rest 95% of them. Once this was clear in our minds, we realised come what may, we will start with smaller assignments and the first assignment would have "Zero-Upfront-Payment". Period.

We would love to tell you more about us, and we would love to delight you with our work, with our passion and with our commitment. Get in touch with us now.