What are the benefits in working with you?.
We provide only writers with befitting experience in your domain. And we are flexible in the engagement model you choose - Fixed price or T&M. Small assignments don't need any pre-payment. For the larger ones, a part payment suffices. Please get in touch with us to know more. No obligation to payment if you dont like our work.

There are so many writing companies out there.. Why trust a lean startup?.
We would request you to judge us by our commitment to your assignments and quality of work. It is easier said than done hence a Risk Free Trial of our services can help at this stage. Payment comes later only if you approve the work we did.

What is your pricing?.
We charge $10-15 (USD)/hour of services. Typically we take less than 1.5-2 hours for a blog post, about the same time for a 500 word article. Please visit our Pricing section if you would like to hire a dedicated writer on a monthly basis or if you would like to discuss with us for your specific needs. We would be happy to work out pricing for you.

There are so many writing companies out there.. What do you offer?.
We are one of the fastest growing Content writing marketplaces managed as an organization. You hire freelancers but accountability stays with us. We take care of the scalability of your requests without the need for you to scout around. You get a large number of writers to choose from with our quality guarantee.

Wow! I will get to decide the pricing?.
Yes absolutely. We feel that we should not impose the pricing of our fixed price projects on you even though we share our rates with you. Whatever you feel is the worth of the assignments we do, you should pay only that much. To make things simple, you are invoiced only at the end of the assignment.

Can you do technical writing stuff?.
Yes we can. We have writers who have been in larger organizations in the early parts of their career and been in technical writing for a long time. Either they themselves do the writing or they proofread the writing by another team member. The writeup you finally get has to pass past the eyes of our editors and review team.

Do you have monthly engagement models?.
Yes we do. Please visit our Pricing section for details.

Where can we see your work references/samples?.
Our website's content itself has been created by our writing team. Also, you can ask for samples related to your business domain.

Where are you located? What facilities do you have?.
We are located in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, India. We work from a small office with couple of Internet boxes and major part of our workforce works remotely from home or their personal sweet spots. Helps us stay lean with sustainance costs for now. As we grow larger, larger number of people could work from our corporate office.

We would love to tell you more about us, Get in touch now.