We are too young to brag about the facilities we have in our corporate office or that over 70% of our permanent on-roll workforce works from the comfort of their own homes. Writing is a creative form of expression which does not happen all the time within the confinement of our smallish office. Hence, consciously, majority of our team works from home, with access to all tools needed for the work assigned to them. This for sure has helped us keep our costs at a minimum while enabling us leg-space to hire better and more "expensive", read more experienced, writers.

Our Corporate office in Bhubaneswar has a seating capacity of 50 people. While local content writers do work from our corporate office, we realized it is realistically impossible to tap the talent pool of creative and experienced writers available within India and abroad if we were to ask them to relocate to a Tier-II city in India. That is when we took a conscious decision of allowing work from home and connectivity through video conferencing over VOIP to make up for the intra-room presence. In addition, we do all our work in Google docs which ensures everything is stored in the cloud with security from Google webservers and not on our tiny desktops. Our writers gain access to various productivity tools using the company's subscriptions to various services including those for research. With this, our backup processes and disaster recovery are taken care of automatically. As a third layer of data safety, we also zip the work-in-progress documents, encrypt them and store them with our shared hosting provider as an extended back-up plan.

We are strictly against piracy. This shows up in every action at Content Vitamin. For work, we rely completely on Open-Source software such as Open Office which helps keep our license costs to a minimum. Get in touch with us now if you would like us to work on your project and we will be glad to assist you.

For people interested in an exciting career in content writing, if you appreciate the challenge of working in a startup, with the luxury of working from home while still being a part of a fast-growing organisation, please do visit our Openings section for available opportunities.