Zero Bond Period

We at Content Vitamin, believe in freedom to clients. We do not have large contractual agreements which bind our clients to us. Rather we let the quality of our work bind our clients to us.

Our contract document is a simple agreement document which mentions clearly about your expectations and ours, mentions the pricing and also suggests the penalty which can be levied on us if we miss a timeline as mentioned in the contract. We have basically tried to make our own life miserable by putting all binding stuff for ourselves in the contract and tried to give as much flexibility as possible to our clients. We clearly understand that to be able to win your trust, we have to do things beyond your expectations and do it well. That is the basic reason why we do not have any binding period. Any assignment can be terminated without you having to pay anything unless you are completely satisfied with the work.

And if you are satisfied with the work progress and still want to terminate the assignment before the deliverable is delivered to you, we request you to pay for the efforts of the writer. And even that is optional, only if you want to pay!

We would love to tell you more about us, and we would love to delight you with our work, with our passion and with our commitment. Get in touch with us now.