Blog Writing Services

If you read about the recent Google update and other related news about blogs coming under the search engine's scanners, you are correct. Search engines are looking for ways to weed out irrelevant content put in the form of millions of blogs - content which does no meaningful addition to the sea of information but is actually a copy of what is already present on the web in various forms.

Professional blog writing companies normally share blog content with their clients as standalone posts. That runs a risk however because blog writing is not about posts in isolation but like their fluid layouts, it is about the flow of information in an organized manner. It does make no sense to have one blog post about Ecommerce growth rate and another one about the bad monsoons this year unless of course your organization is the ruling government of the region.

And there are many blogs out in the web which have one post or which are created solely for search engine marketing, that can provide backlinks to the parent website. Such blogs which are rarely updated and which have one off posts here and there with content copied from here and there beam red when held under the search engine scanner.

We do things slightly different. We invest time in research and we spend time in understanding your blogging strategy and where the blog fits in your marketing goals. And then we write. At the end of the day, it's the same english alphabets we use but we focus on giving your readers a flow.. a story which they can connect to or expect to read from you.

Contact us today to know more how we can help you in your blogging strategy. And we would be glad to do so.